Business Continuity


 "Human first"


E-Card aims to establish up-to-date recovery plans to ensure the continuity of all critical processes and services in an emergency, to provide the necessary resources and to perform continuous improvement activities by taking care of all stakeholders' interests based on the business continuity management system policy.


Pursuant to this aim;




We ensure that our company activities comply with the related standards (e.g. PCI, GSM SAS, ISO 27001, ISO14298, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001), customer specifications, laws and regulations as well as local requirements.








This policy conforms to E-Kart's Integrated Management Systems Policy (Doc.No: PO-KAL-0001), Information Technologies Policy (Doc.No: PO-TEK-0002) and Physical Security and Information Security Policy (Doc.No: PO-GUV-0001)




The General Manager is responsible for the establishment, internal announcement, understanding and implementation of this policy.


The Integrated Management Systems Manager is responsible for the implementation of the Business Continuity Management System, for the completion of its missing aspects and for ensuring the continuity thereof.


All staff members are trained on roles assigned to them with respect to business continuity and also drills are conducted to evaluate these trainings.