National ID

Within the scope of the MERNIS project executed by the Turkish Ministry of Interior, civil records of Turkish citizens are already being transferred to the electronic environment. Major campaigns have been initiated and are still being implemented for the replacement of identity cards with highly secure cards. In such projects, E-Kart is ready to put its "leading" profile at the disposal of the country.


One of the key sectors involving smart cards is the healthcare sector. E-Kart is equipped with the infrastructure, hardware and certificates necessary to manufacture smart cards for use in future Healthcare/Insurance/Pension schemes.

Mass Transportation

The sector where smart cards are most widely used is undoubtedly the Mass Transportation market. Use of particularly contactless cards and special readers capable of processing credits loaded on cards allows to set up a fast operation and efficient reporting and tracking system. Today, in such sort of leading projects implemented in the country, contact/contactless cards manufactured by E-Kart are used.

Armed Forces

There are various projects and solutions developed worldwide to ensure accessibility to certain data by Armed Forces via a network and utilize key encryption methods introduced by smart cards for internal communication. As a common practice around the globe, thanks to the functionality of running multiple applications on a single smart card, each card may be prepared as a personal card and employed as a combined solution in network connectivity, building entrance checks, personnel healthcare services and catering services.

Thanks to its technological investments and sophisticated infrastructure, E-Kart implements such applications that require high level of security. In Information Systems, Authorization Cards and other similar projects, highly secure cards manufactured by E-Kart are used.